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Many people have seen small surge protection strips that are plugged directly into an outlet. These are most often used around your more sensitive electronics, such as your computer, televisions, and gaming consoles. However, as electronic devices have developed and smart home-capable devices are more common, these small, plug-in surge protectors are not adequate to protect your home and belongings from large electrical surges. Our electricians in Fair Lawn provide top-of-the-line surge protection services. Flex Electrical Group can help you today.

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Benefits of Whole-Home Surge Protection

There are many reasons to consider investing in whole-home surge protection for your Fair Lawn home. If you live somewhere where there is a high demand for electrical grids, there are frequent disruptions in power, or severe weather is typical, your home is susceptible to power surges coming in from your electrical grid.

  • An overloaded electrical grid
  • Out of date and aging power stations
  • Faulty wiring and faulty connections leading into your home
  • Transformer problems
  • Problems with your electrical panel and circuit breakers
  • Lightning strikes
  • Downed trees taking out power lines

These surges can wreak havoc on your home’s electronics. Many appliances have sensitive computers in them, including refrigerators, washers and dryers, security systems, and home automation systems. If they are left unprotected during a power surge, you risk malfunctions, shortened lifespan, and permanent damage. Installing a whole-house surge protector at your electrical panel can help you protect all of these devices from surges originating from outside your home.

We Offer Peace of Mind

If your home is older or if you are considering remodeling it, now is an excellent time to consider installing a whole-home surge protector. Our skilled electricians have extensive experience, and we offer a full range of surge protection services in Fair Lawn. Flex Electrical Group works hard to stay up to date on the latest advances in the electrical industry, and we are well-versed in all local and national electrical codes. We can help you protect your home today.

To speak with an experienced surge protection specialist in Fair Lawn, call today or contact us online We have same-day appointments available!

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